Search Engine Optimization

How SEO can Help Your Business increase visibility, increase traffic, and increase sales.

Search Engine Optimization increases your website’s visibility on the internet, driving more customers and business to your site.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of getting your website to show up higher in search engine results pages. Most people search for products and services on the web, and where your business shows up in search results directly impacts your web traffic – and directly impacts your sales. I provide effective SEO solutions to get your business found on the web.

I offer the following services:

Complete Website SEO Audit

I perform a thorough analysis of your current website, and provide a list of specific, actionable items that will improve your website’s visibility. I provide both on and off site recommendations for your business. An audit includes:

  • Site Analysis – I analyze all the on-page elements of your web site that affect how you show up in search results.
  • Backlink Analysis – I generate a backlink profile to determine where and how you are receiving links.
  • Competitor Analysis – I will give you a breakdown of how your competitor’s  websites compare to yours on the web, what are they doing right, or wrong – and how you can beat them.
  • Keyword Research – I find the best keyword combinations to target on your pages.
  • Full Report – I generate a full report detailing the results of the above audit. This report also includes a list of recommendations that will improve your website ranking.

On-Site SEO

Optimize your website to make sure you are using the right keywords and content to show up for the search results you are targeting. I make sure your site is set up to be properly indexed by search engines with the right content to produce maximum results.

  • Content Optimization – I optimize meta tags, titles, headers, and content to increase visibility on search engine result pages.
  • Navigation Optimization – I optimize menus and internal links to create a logical site structure that’s easy for a search engine or person to navigate.
  • Error Detection and Correction – I detect and fix technical errors with your website, such as crawl errors, duplicate content errors, 404s, broken links, redirects and more.
  • Analytics Installation and Set-Up – Analytics software allows you to gather in-depth traffic statistics to find out where your customers come from and how they find you. Learn what you can do to increase traffic and keep users on your site. Easy to understand charts and graphs help you visualize this data in a meaningful way.
  • Site map Creation / Optimization – Generation and optimization of an accurate sitemap helps search engines index your page.

Local SEO

Get your local business listed on all major local directories and map services (ex: Google maps).

Complete SEO Services

I offer all-inclusive services that include everything listed above, or certain elements of your choosing. I provide monthly status reports and regular updates.

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