Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Our goal is to deliver the most effective and cost efficient ad campaign.

We achieve this by designing campaigns with best practices in mind, collecting and analyzing data from those campaigns, then implementing changes and modifications based on the results of our analysis.

We offer the following services:

Campaign Audits and Optimization for Existing Campaigns:

We analyze the data from your Adwords account, crunch the numbers, and find out where there is room for improvement.  We optimize your keywords, budget, demographic targeting, ad content and copy for maximum value.

Creation of New Campaigns

We research your industry to find the best way to target your audience.  We examine your competitors to determine how to set your business apart.  Then we create an ad campaign that meets your needs.  But we don’t stop there – we monitor your campaign so we can fine-tune it for maximum effectiveness.  We also provide status reports so you can have an idea of how your campaign is performing.

Campaign Management

We monitor your campaign and make all of the necessary adjustments and tweaks to keep it running at maximum effectiveness.  We provide insight and recommendations to keep your campaign up to date with updates and changes to Adwords services.  We provide monthly status reports detailing how your campaign is doing, and what adjustments we have made to keep it up to date.

Conversion Rate Tracking*

Not only do we want people to click on your ads, we want them to convert to customers.   We can track the number and percentage of users who click a paid ad who ‘converted’ on your website, and provide recommendations for increasing the number of conversions.

Landing Page Set-up**

I can create landing pages on your website for specific ads campaigns. Instead of landing on the main page of your website, a customer lands on a page displaying specific product or service that he/she is interested in. This increases conversion rate

*Conversion rate requires access to your Analytics software. We can easily set up and install analytics software on your website if you don’t already have it.

**Landing page is created on your website, so we likely need access to your site for proper set up.

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